Preference cards are a ticket to efficency

Preference cards are the key to operational proficiency in hospitals. Deviations from preference cards are detrimental to hospitals in terms of patient safety, financial costs and time efficiency.

Increasing healthcare costs require efficient operational procedures, in order to ensure not only patient safety, but also to limit unnecessary expenditure.

We recently talked to a scrub nurse about their experiences with the preference cards at their hospital.

Out of 100 surgical procedures only 20% were completed error free.


Approximately 60% of setups were missing items and 70% had items that were not needed and were thrown away.

As a result of incorrect preference cards, 40% of procedures resulted in delayed surgical turnaround times.

Increased financial costs are not the only side effect of incorrect preference cards as there is at least 1 patient injury every week in an average size operating theatre complex.

Inaccurate and out-of-date preference cards result in real costs. The mistakes in the process are adding millions to the cost of surgeries annually and there is no way to audit the cost of surgical procedures.

Fortunately, ScrubIT provides the solution to this issue. Our easy to use app allows your hospital to keep preference cards up-to-date, which means that surgeries will be correct every time. ScrubIT has also streamlined the surgical setup process to combine multiple setups into a simple checklist.

ScrubIT will run your theatre setups process from the preference card through to instrument ready.

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Announcing the launch of our new website

ScrubIT is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! After a lot of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially launch our new website on 03 March 2017. You can view the new site right now at

The website’s goal is to provide our visitors with an easy way to learn about ScrubIT and how it will revolutionise their operating theatre processes, as well as keeping our existing clients up to date with new product features and all things ScrubIT.

The new website is more interactive and gives easy access to the Features, Pricing and Frequently Asked Questions about ScrubIT. It even includes a sneak peek video.

In order to improve the way we interact with our customers, our website also includes links to all of our social media profiles. Users will want to keep coming back as we will be continually updating the website with content and other useful information in the form of articles, blog posts, company successes and announcements.

We would like to thank our amazing team for making the site what it is.

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Team ScrubIT.